The Society has a number of activities.....

We talk to the Canal & River Trust (formerly British Waterways) and local councils about improvements to the canal from Kings Norton to Stratford. We also campaign about undesirable developments on or near our canal.

We are very conscious that the canal is used by boaters, anglers, walkers, cyclists and others. We recognise the problems which can be encountered in reconciling the needs of these very varied groups.

The Society now keeps its eyes on the canal along its full length from Kings Norton to Stratford and builds relationships with the Canal & River Trust, the owner of the canal, other interested groups such as the Inland Waterways Association, local councils and those who use the canal or who live beside and near the canal.

We arrange regular Meetings and Events for the enjoyment of our members.

We have work parties to clear undergrowth, cut back hedges and other necessary works to complement the work of the Canal & River Trust.

We support campaigns by other canal and waterway groups to improve or reinstate navigations around the UK. We make donations to help their endeavours.

We make strenuous efforts to recruit new members, especially from the younger generations. How to Join.



Clive Henderson, Membership Secretary, Stratford upon Avon Canal Society,
The Bridge House, Church Lane, Lapworth, Solihull, B94 5NU
Tel: 01564 783672 or email