As amended by the members on 22 March 2002.
1. The name of the Society is the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal Society.
2. The objects of the Society are to promote the fullest use, maintenance and improvement of all Inland Waterways of Great Britain,
and in particular the Stratford upon Avon Canal.
3. Membership of the Society is open to all who are in sympathy with its aims and objects.
4. The ultimate authority of the Society shall be exercised by a General Meeting.
5. There shall be an Annual General Meeting in each year. At least 14 days notice in writing shall be given.
6. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be held at any time upon 14 days’ notice being given in writing and may be summoned on the authority of the
Committee or of at least 20% of the paid up membership. Such meetings must be called by the Secretary within two months
of the application for the calling of such a meeting.
7. The Committee shall exercise the administrative authority of the Society.
8. The committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and not more than 9 ordinary Committee Members elected
at the Annual General Meeting. All shall be eligible for re-election but the post of Chairman is limited to a term of 3 years.
The Committee shall appoint other officers as they see fit from amongst their number to serve in that office for one year but to be eligible for re-election.
The Committee shall have powers to co-opt members at any time to serve until the next AGM.
9. Should an elected officer resign during the term of office then the committee shall appoint a replacement from
amongst their number to serve until the next AGM. In the event of there being no candidate on the committee to fill the
vacant position then an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened for the purpose of filling the vacancy.
10. The Annual General Meeting shall appoint an Honorary Auditor, not being a member of the Committee.
11. The audited accounts of the Society for the previous financial year shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting.
12. The annual subscription shall be renewable on September 1 each year. Revisions to the rates of subscription shall be determined
by a General Meeting. Any membership more than 3 months in arrears shall be deemed to have lapsed.
13. Any question arising as to the meaning of these rules shall be determined by the Committee.
14. Any alteration, addition or amendment to these rules can be made by the Society at a General Meeting provided that no such
alteration, addition or amendment shall be made to Clause 2 hereof if this shall tend to destroy or derogate from the status of the Society.
15. The society may be dissolved by a referendum, providing a two-thirds majority of the members are in favour, on such terms,
financial and otherwise, as may be agreed in the said referendum, providing that no funds of the Society shall be distributed
on dissolution to the members, but shall be applied to the improvement of the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal.