Stratford Canal Society
A talk by
David Lyneham-Brown
Chief Executive/ General Manager
Grantham Canal Society
The Grantham Canal : The Future Beckons



Abandoned in the 1920s the Grantham Canal is on its way back.  A projected £50million project in total, by the end of 2020 nearly £10m worth of work will have been completed.  The rebuilding of Lock 15 from the invert up is almost complete. 

Often referred to as the Three Shires Project, the canal runs from near Trent Bridge, through Leicestershire to Grantham in Lincolnshire.  Most of the work so far has been at the Lincolnshire end but the strategically vital new Trent Link is never far from the society’s thoughts as it plans its future projects.

We are disadvantaged by the fact that the Grantham runs through the rural Vale of Belvoir and is acknowledged as one of England’s most beautiful canals.  So that is a disadvantage you query?  From a fundraising perspective unfortunately it is.  In the 1980/90s many of Britain’s urban canal restorations benefited significantly from derelict land grants and their like.  For us the Cotgrave Colliery RECHAR funding from the EU is the best we have done in that category and there is little chance of more industrial dereliction funding in the future, with the possible exception of the Grantham Basin.  But there are other ways.

David will take us through an introduction to the canal – its history, geography plus the practicalities and politics of what is the biggest project ever undertaken on the Grantham Canal.

And where do we go from here?

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